Our History

150 AD

The survival of the human race, long before the concept of “duty” was evolved, depended on the satisfactions gained from two voluntary acts of reproduction; coitus and breast-feeding. (Newton & Newton 1967)

Mother breastfeeding a baby in the presence of the father. Detail from the sarcophagus of Marcus Cornelius Statius. Marble, Roman artwork, ca. Provenance unknown. (Public domain, Wikimedia Commons)




A Highland Breakfast by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, RA (1802 –1873) (Public domain, Wikimedia Commons)

‘Breastfeeding is normal. It is species specific and has been so for thousands of years. Human babies need breast milk’ – Vilia Tosio




The Suckling Child – An illustrative portrayal of Keralaite mother and child in, Raja Ravi Varma, 1848-1906 (Public domain, Wikimedia Commons)

“We need to restore what is normal and natural… if we want to survive as humans” – Vilia Tosio




Alberta Breastfeeding Committee (ABC) formed by multidisciplinary stakeholders across Alberta

Proposal to develop breastfeeding definitions for data collection in Alberta accepted by Alberta Health and Wellness

Vision: “Breastfeeding is the norm in the Province of Alberta”




Established breastfeeding definitions and facilitated the collection of breastfeeding data at the health region level.

Launched the ABC website www.breastfeedingalberta.ca




Alberta Breastfeeding Data Set Submission accepted in draft by Health Information Standards Committee for Alberta (HISCA). Final acceptance pending pilot by health regions.

Hosted the first ABC conference Welcoming the Newborn Softly presented by Maureen Fjeld and Jacki Glover in Red Deer




ABC bylaws accepted by Alberta Registries.

ABC’s resolution accepted by the Alberta Public Health Association. “The APHA under the leadership of the Alberta Breastfeeding Committee together with representatives from related organizations will develop a strategy to ensure health care staff working with mothers and babies (both in institutions and community) be trained in evidence based knowledge and skills needed to create supportive environments for breastfeeding women, children and families.”





Registered as a not-for-profit society March 30, 2009.

Hosted the second ABC conference Time Together – A Neurobehavioural Approach to Newborn Care presented by Dr Nils Bergman in Edmonton.

Launched the Alberta Breastfeeding Charter document.


Developed Terms of Reference and provided representation for the Royal Alexandra Hospital and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Human Milk Banking proposal.

Submitted a review of the breastfeeding content in the Alberta Personal Health Portal for consideration.






Launched the ABC logo

Developed a series of information sheets The Importance of Breastfeeding on Skin-to-Skin, Cancer, Risks of Formula, and Obesity photos/scanned images of handouts.

Standardized the look of all ABC materials.

Hosted the third ABC conference Best Practices for Infant Feeding: Promote Health and Prevent Disease presented by Marianne Brophy and Dr Louise Dumas in Edmonton September 16.


Redesigned the ABC website www.breastfeedingalberta.ca

Initiated relationships with Alberta Neonatal Nurses Association (ANNA) and College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)

Joined the Breastfeeding in Alberta Committee lead by Alberta Health and Wellness and Alberta Health Services

Added Diabetes to the series of information sheets The Importance of Breastfeeding