Webinar Invitation to Canadian Hospitals with Maternity Services

Webinar Invitation to Canadian Hospitals with Maternity Services

The Public Health Agency of Canada is funding a 5 year innovation project to revitalize and expand hospital implementation of the Baby-Friendly Initiative. The project aims to promote maternal and infant health and increase breastfeeding rates in Canada. The Breastfeeding Committee for Canada is leading the national project with a core focus on implementing a Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative with 25 participating hospitals across Canada.

Who should attend the webinar: Health Care Administrators, Quality Improvement Leaders, Nurse Managers, Physicians and Midwives, Nurses and Lactation Consultants, Parents, Maternal Newborn Ministry of Health decision makers and others interested in maternal child health.

Webinar Objectives:

  1. Build understanding of the Canadian Baby-Friendly National 5 year innovation project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada
  2. Learn recommendations from the World Health Organization on how to meet the call to action to scale up Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Implementation
  3. Learn about the benefits of participating and how to apply to be one of the 25 selected hospitals
  4. Create opportunity for questions and answers to learn more about the project

Presenter: Michelle LeDrew, Baby-Friendly Project Director, Breastfeeding Committee for Canada


  • January 25, 1300-1400 EST
  • January 28, 1300-1400 EST
  • January 29, 1300-1400 EST
  • January 31, 1300-1400 EST        


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Michelle LeDrew, RN, BN, MN, CHE
BCC Baby-Friendly Project Director
Breastfeeding Committee for Canada
BFIProjectDirector@bccbfi.com or
Mobile: 902 497 0623

Webinar Invitation to Canadian Hospitals with Maternity Services

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