Conferences Highlights


2021 Conference




2019 Conference









2018 Conference

“Supplementation to Protect Breastfeeding – Next Steps”





2017 Conference

“Supplementation to Protect Breastfeeding”

Keynote Speaker: Kathy O-Grady Venter




2016 Conference

“Second Night – Not Rest Night”

Keynote Speaker: Louise Dumas




2012 Conference

“Breastfeeding and the Brain: Place Based Brain Building”

Speakers: Dr. Jean Clinton & Dr. Robbin Gibb




2011 Conference

“Infant Feeding: Best Practice Steps for Primary Preventative Care”

Speakers: Marianne Brophy & Dr. Louise Dumas




2009 Conference

“Alberta Breastfeeding Committee Time Together”

A Neurobehavioural Approach To Newborn Care

Presented by Dr. Nils Bergman